With Uncle Phil.

The envelope.

The letter.

Thank you Hannah! 

Testimonial from guest “Shine”

“Oasis Gardens Resort is my home and my home is Oasis Gardens Resort. Here is the best place I have lived in Costa Rica. The living environment comforts me and makes me feel safe. As a student, I personally am able to focus on studying very well. It is close to many stores; as an example, it takes 7 mins to walk to the Farmers’ Market. Our landlord, Uncle Phil always cares about residents like family members. He listens to our concerns and quickly fulfills our needs. All maintenance workers are kind and answer our needs as well. I highly recommend this place for living. You will have a great experience in Costa Rica like me.”

Testimonial from guest Savannah

“Oh the many things I could say about Oasis! This place is my home! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to move in earlier this year! I was living in El Rodeo before I came to Oasis and I struggled. Even before we moved in Uncle Phil was making sure we were comfortable and felt safe. You can really tell he genuinely cares about us and wants us to have a magical experience here! The maintenance workers are fabulous as they tend to any concerns or needs we may have right away. They are family as well!

“I feel completely safe living here and I never worry about breakins or anything like that. This place is perfect if you’re a student and want to live close to your friends. Everyone living at Oasis becomes family! The location is also very nice being minutes from the UPEACE bus stop and the Casa Cural! Caribbean Jam is right behind us so we always smell the yummy smells and the owners there became family as well! Highly recommend Oasis Gardens Resort to feel safe and at home. :)”

Testimonial from guest HaEun

Nice and friendly landlord.
Nice location nearby supermarket, cafe, bank and Upeace/public bus stops.
Nice common area.
Good Ventilation.