University for Peace

Peace Park – University for Peace

“The vision of the University for Peace is to be a forward-thinking, transformational and inspirational educational institution dedicated to the goals of quality teaching, research and service for serving humanity in building a peaceful world.”

Oasis Garden Apartamentos proudly supports and shares the interests, and the ideology, of the University for Peace in Ciudad Colón.

Students and faculty of the University for Peace in Ciudad Colón are entitled to a special discount when staying at Oasis Garden Apartamentos.

For more information please contact us for apartment availability and any questions using the contact methods listed a little further down on this page.

Testimonial from guest “Shine”

“Oasis Garden Apartamentos is my home and my home is Oasis Garden Apartamentos. Here is the best place I have lived in Costa Rica. The living environment comforts me and makes me feel safe. As a student, I personally am able to focus on studying very well. It is close to many stores; as an example, it takes 7 mins to walk to the Farmers’ Market. Our landlord, Uncle Phil always cares about residents like family members. He listens to our concerns and quickly fulfills our needs. All maintenance workers are kind and answer our needs as well. I highly recommend this place for living. You will have a great experience in Costa Rica like me.”


Sharing an apartment with another guest at Oasis Apartamentos is possible.

This is an excellent option for long-term visitors looking for something more affordable, especially those attending the University for Peace.

Depending on availability of course, a two-bedroom apartment can be shared by two guests. Each person would have their own bedroom and share the other rooms and space of the unit such as the bathroom, kitchen, living room, garden area, etc.

Below are the three Oasis units that have two bedrooms, please click a link below to see the dwelling, its amenities and prices:

To find out if any Oasis units are currently available for sharing, please contact Phillip (Felipe) at Oasis Garden Apartamentos, using one of the contact options below.


Costa Rica (506) 8690-6712


Call telephone number 1 561 429 9001

Whatsapp # +506.8690.6712

Or please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy: